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January 4, 2008

DICOM C++ Template Library

Full support for DICOM V.3-2007 character sets (includes Unicode, Japanese, Chinese, Korean)
The library is not affected by definitions of UNICODE related symbols (like those used by Microsoft compilers and SDK). It doesn't force the callers to use a particular character size and encoding all over the code. On top of automatic detection of caller's character set and encoding it allows total control in specifying a different encoding each time textual tags are retrieved from a dataset, should the default encoding is not desired.

December 10, 2008

Scalable DICOM Services (SOA)

Research on the storage model
The research on a genuinely scalable storage and retrieval model for DICOM protocol has began. More on the scalable DICOM services will be published soon.

December 5, 2007

DICOM C++ Template Library

The cross-platform unit tests framework is finally in place.
The unit tests are XML driven, thouroughly testing each library component. Input data (e.g. DICOM files) can be easily added without coding. XML output for neat integration into your organization testing framework. It will be included automatically in the standard package.

Architect your healthcare IT infrastracture with SaaS in mind

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We will shortly be offering highly customizable solutions to your DICOM enterprise development, including an extremely optimized and innovative cross-platform DICOM C++ template library, believed to be a trend setter in the myriad of existing commercial DICOM libraries, a powerful real-time GUI DICOM protocol analyzer dedicated to both software and support engineers as well as an innovative new product which we trust to "shake" the DICOM programming market.

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